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1.Facade honeycomb curtain

The open and close way of facade honeycomb curtain can be divided into up, down, up and down, and the curtain design can be closed from the bottom up or from top to bottom, but also can stay in the middle of any position, to achieve the sun cover as you like. In addition to the standard styles, day and night curtain designs meet the different needs of light and privacy during the day or night by assembling two different light transmission curtains. The above various styles of facade hive curtain can also be added to the small DC motor drive, through the speed control device to make the coaxial reel produce rotation, pull the lift rope up and down, achieve the curtain opening and closing. Its unique structure of the limit device so that different specifications of products can accurately position up and down, while the motor is in a blocking state when the motor power supply is automatically cut off so that the motor is not damaged by blocking. The hive curtain is suitable for a variety of scenarios, whether it is a living room, bedroom window, or irregularly shaped window, the universal honeycomb curtain can be controlled. It can also be used with fabric curtains, both soundproofing cooling while retaining the beauty of the traditional hanging curtains.

2.The top skylight honeycomb curtain Skylights

oblique roof windows, all kinds of sunroofs, all shapes, even curved roofs can be perfectly solved through skylight honeycomb curtains.

We produce woven cloth honeycomb curtain, the choice of high-quality polyester woven fabric, longer life, sun-resistant not deformation; Choose Pur hot melt bonding, high-temperature resistance of more than 120 degrees C, weather resistance is much better than polyester or polyamide hot melt.

3.The honeycomb curtain to move the door partition

Woven cloth honeycomb curtain to remove the door partition, blackout, insulation, sound insulation, can effectively separate the space we need to partition. Easy opening and closing, free separation, hole-free installation, easy removal, folding closed, space-saving, no under rail design, barrier-free access. Especially suitable for air conditioning or heating partition, bathroom wet and dry partition, kitchen smoke partition.

The honeycomb curtainz
New sun-resistant and heat-resistant woven honeycomb curtain (5)
New sun-resistant and heat-resistant woven honeycomb curtain (3)